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Helpful Multisports Resource Links



  • USA Triathlon official site – Provides helpful links and answers to many questions about triathlon.  Annual USAT membership is recommended, if you plan to participate in more than one USAT-sponsored race over the next 12 months.
  • Beginner Triathlete – With a large library of articles, a superb training log, a busy online forum, great members and several training plans, has all the necessary tools to provide people with the information and motivation to get out the door and begin training today.
  • Your Guide to an Active Planet.” – Provides information about, and lets you register for, almost any race out there.  Very good resource about any endurance and athletic topic you can think of.
  • Athlinks – Great site to keep track of your race results, connect with friends and track the competition.  Topeka Triathletes is a listed Club on the site.
  • Triathlete Magazine – The leading triathlon magazine in the country.


Training Resources [return to menu]

  • Enduracamps – Offers comprehensive triathlon training camps in Kansas City to prepare for any triathlon up to full Ironman distance.  Stefano attended the 2008 four-day Summer Camp to prepare for the 70.3 Kansas Ironman and highly recommends it.


  • Coach Gordo – Official website of Coach Gordon Byrn, known as “Gordo” and co-author of Going Long – Training for Ironman Distance Triathlons. Provides a host of valuable “Essential gTips”, which can be “downsized” to any shorter distance.
  • Rebound Sports PerformanceOffers speed development programs, performance programs and camps for athletes of all ages.


Race Calendar [return to menu]

  • Trifind – Comprehensive race calendar for triathlons and duathlons where you can search most races by distance and state.
  • MARA Race Calendar - Terrific local race calendar (comprehensive)


Running [return to menu]

  • Sunflower Striders – Established Topeka Running Club that has organized the Topeka-Auburn-Half Marathon, considered to be one of the tougher half marathons in the country, for more than a quarter century.
  • Great Plains Running Company – Topeka's only specialty running and walking store with a comprehensive assortment of shoes for running, walking and trail as well as technical clothing, cool gear and a complete assortment of nutritional products.  Also carries a wide variety of triathlon clothing.
  • McMillan Running – A comprehensive running site with an extensive calculator for figuring running paces from easy runs to track intervals.
  • Google Maps Pedometer – An interactive map site providing accurate calculations of course distances for running and cycling.
  • Coolrunning Pace Calculator – Calculate your running pace per mile or kilometer with the Cool Running pace calculator
  • Mararunning – Mid America Running Association (MARA) - Terrific KC Metro Area running resource with COMPREHENSIVE local running calendar.
  • Runner’s World Magazine – 'nuf said


Cycling [return to menu]

  • Capp’s Bike Shop – The best cycling resource in Topeka:  Great bike selection (new and used), great consultation, great service (Jeremy is one of the best bike mechanics around!)…
  • Google Maps Pedometer – An interactive map site providing accurate calculations of course distances for running and cycling.

Bike Fit/Aero Advantages for Endurance Athletes


Swimming [return to menu]

  • Total Immersion – Web site with information and various resources based on the popular book of the same name by Terry Laughlin.


Nutrition and Endurance Athletes  [return to menu]


Other [return to menu]

Blood clots and Endurance Athletes (Concern for some athletes)



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